Food Truck Operation/Travel


Food truck operation/travel


The Mandatory Order COVID-19 does not place restrictions on travel within the Province of New Brunswick.


Food and beverage serving businesses are permitted to offer take-out and delivery but are prohibited from allowing on-premises dining under the Order. They must take all reasonable steps to ensure waiting patrons not approach within 2 metres of each other. As such, the food truck operators are to follow paragraphs 12 and 13.


Paragraph 20, which prohibits everyone from knowingly approaching within 2 metres of every other person, does not apply to workplaces or to persons in vehicles who are in compliance with requirements of the Chief Medical Officer of Health for persons traveling with others in vehicles.


These workplaces should follow all directives found in the Mandatory Order COVID-19, the advice of WorkSafeNB, and the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, specifically:


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