Motor Vehicle Inspection Stickers


Just received a telephone call from a local repair garage who advised that they are running very low on new inspection stickers and was wondering what they should do. They are wondering if new ones are going to be available? He also said one option they had was to do the annual inspection and issue the owner with the yellow inspection document and write on it that the sticker was not available and then provide them at a later date when they receive them.


The option suggested above is an absolute no.   No inspection should be performed if the station does not have the stickers on hand.   The State of Emergency declaration extended all inspections that expire during COVID shut down to May 31st therefore inspections do not need to occur.   However if the station and the client chooses to do an inspection anyway, the supplies must be on hand to do so.   This way there’s no added liability to the client who is driving without an inspection sticker and risking a ticket.

Because of the extension issued by government, the Motor Vehicle inspection sticker program was shut down.   No stickers are being issued and will continue until the expiry of the State of Emergency later this month.   We are currently awaiting further instructions from government to determine when this program will resume.   So far, I don’t have a date, but I’m sure it will be mentioned publicly when it gets approved to resume.