Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of health, said that people who want to donate items such as masks, gowns, gloves, hand sanitizer and other personal protective equipment should contact Service New Brunswick, which manages government procurement.

“While we have enough supplies in the health sector to meet the current demand, New Brunswickers have been calling the public health office asking how they can help those working in our hospitals, nursing homes and special care homes to stay safe,” said Russell. “These gestures of generosity are touching.”

Donators will be asked to complete and submit a form detailing specific information on the manufacturer, specifications, and certifications (CSA etc.) of the material to be donated, so it can be determined if the material is free of contamination.

If a donation is accepted, specific instructions for delivery will be provided. Physical distancing will be followed in the drop-off and delivery process.


Service New Brunswick is seeking help from businesses and organizations who can supply emergency products and innovative solutions to support the Government of New Brunswick’s response to COVID-19.

If you’re a supplier interested in selling (or donating) such products or services to the Government of New Brunswick, including to the health sector, please complete this form and send it to SPsuppliers@snb.ca.

Selling to the Government of New Brunswick

Who are we?

Strategic Procurement is a division of Service New Brunswick. We manage the procurement process for the purchase of goods and services for departments, agencies and school districts. The role of Strategic Procurement is to maximize competition to achieve the best value for money while ensuring that all suppliers who wish to compete for government contracts have a fair and open opportunity to do so.

For information regarding Construction procurement, please visit the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure website.

What is the process?

The public procurement process is governed by the Procurement Act in the Province of New Brunswick and must adhere to the principles of being fair, open and transparent. All jurisdictions across Canada follow a similar model for public procurement which includes open competition for government contracts through a public tender process. To learn more, please see Procurement Process.

What do we buy?

The Government of New Brunswick spends on average more than $500 million on goods and services each year. We buy everything from office supplies, heavy equipment, IT services, consulting services and much more. To learn more about what we buy, please see Tenders or browse our current tenders on the New Brunswick Opportunities Network (NBON).  If you are not currently a registered vendor, you can register free of charge by filing out the vendor registration form.

How can you participate?

All GNB public tenders are advertised on our web based e-tendering system, the New Brunswick Opportunities Network (NBON). Vendors are encouraged to register, free of charge, to gain access to thousands of tender opportunities posted every year. To learn more, please see Procurement Process.