Yard and Garage Sales During COVID-19 State of Emergency



Are yard sales and garage sales prohibited?



Yard sales and garage sales are a form of retail sales and are therefore not a permitted activity under section 3 of the Order.

Section 3

All retail sales and similar public-facing business operations are prohibited from admitting patrons, except: stores whose goods for sale are predominantly food, medication, fuel, office equipment and supplies, hardware, construction supplies, or vehicle parts; providers of repair services for vehicles, information technology or telecommunications technology; post offices; financial and lending institutions; providers of animal and fish feed; providers of gardening and/or agricultural supplies or equipment; and corporate and agency stores of Alcohol NB Liquor and Cannabis NB. All businesses required to cease admitting patrons are expressly permitted to sell online or over the phone and arrange delivery or pick-up of purchases.  Door to door soliciting is prohibited but delivery is permitted.