Local Governance Reform

Bayside, Chamcook, Saint Andrews

Local governance reform is underway in New Brunswick. This restructuring is being led by the Local Governance Reform Team, in conjunction with local governments and stakeholder groups. Our path forward will lead to a modernization of the local government system with stronger and more sustainable communities, and an enhanced quality of life for all New Brunswickers. For more information from the Province of New Brunswick follow the link: https://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/corporate/promo/local-governance-reform.html Local Governance Reform is built on the following Pillars:

  1. Local Government Structure
  2. Regional Collaboration
  3. Land Use Planning
  4. Financing Local Governance

Representatives from the  LSD Bayside, LSD Chamcook, and Town of Saint Andrews have been working as a community team to move forward with Local Governance Reform as directed by the Province of New Brunswick. Our goal is to keep the communities informed of the processes taking place and provide Frequently Asked Questions to the attention of residents.